Child Right Quest


Child Right Quest
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The staff team was trained to effectively handle their project in the target area. In 1995 re entry triggered by a holistic development approach necessitated equipping the staff team to cope with emerging challenges in Social service field. The micro and macro level socio-political trends and working were studied and observed. Formation of Recreational Centres to provide child hood enjoyments for the working children was taken up. Illiterate children at Vedasandur were a common phenomenon which was induced 
by migration of the parents in search of job to other districts and states. Baby sitting was one of the major reasons for high level of dropout in the area.

The children who have no school experience at all were mostly dalit children. Because of their family situation these children don’t prefer to go to school. When failed any examination, they discontinued further studies. In order to prevent future drop outs and help the school going children 
in their studies, free tuition classes was conducted in the villages on holidays. 

Primary health camps were organised while understood that because of the illiteracy and ignorance of the parents which lead to increased rate of child mortality even by treatable diseases. So, primary health camps were planned during this phase. Because of the inaccessibility of hospitals and the high cost incurred for treatment and consultancy, even for small disease that can be cured by providing first aid, a kit was given to the health workers. It gave value addition to health services of REAL. Village youth were also trained to communicate through Street theatre, Puppet show, Folk songs and other popular low cost communications methods. This team was equipped to create mass awareness campaign at all occasions through out the project period. 

Awareness and motivation through communication techniques on the intensity and nature of child labour was organized. During this 
period of child rights and our duty 
to provide them opportunities to exercise their rights freely were imparted through yathras. 
Children Theatre group were formed expressed their skills and talents, particularly for the working children. The children theatre group was an effective communication tool for REAL.

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