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1990-94 was a period in pursuit of equipping people with development - initiatives - a break through from 1989. The past educational activities, organisational strategy and Developmental initiatives had of course helped the weaker section to critically view the status quo by analysing the socio-economic political and environmental factors that governs their micro socio-economic conditions. But what was lacking in them as observed by REAL team was the sense of protest, break-through from silent passive culture. Demanding rights of basic amenities will not be alone sufficient in the social transformations process; the people are to be equipped on constructive role in the process of history making through alternative developmental education, activities, perspective, trainings , developing technology, income generation, cultivations in tune with principles of social equity, economic viability with a Ecologically sound practices. A people participatory process in situation appraisal, action, research, technology development right from planning, implementing evaluation decision making were to be inculcated.

With this understanding REAL reoriented its action programme to be the “people centered alternative development initiatives”.

The important few among such initiatives are -participatory Rural appraisal, Action research, participatory Technology development etc. To be specific , REAL in its target are a made a critical analysis about the Government’s much propagates “Green Revolution” approach, its relevance to target area’s rain fed drought prone vast stretch of lands 
in poor people’s holding; Green revolutions ‘Eco-environmental irrelevance, unsustainable use of resource, inequitable distribution of lands, half hearted implementation of land reform programmes , introduction of capital intensive technology, loss of employment opportunities were taken into note . The critical analysis on the developmental models (pro rich & Prodominants) threw much lights on the conventional models of development and developmental policies of government being evolved or pursued at the dictate of multinationals to meet market needs rather than peoples needs, with preference for profit rather then community needs. Despite 
development of unround innovations, this development approach, has taken the world to the brinks of eco -environmental disaster making human survival a big question mark. The fast depletion of natural resources, forest wealth, green cover, pollution of water , soil atmosphere,sea waters are the serious threat to the humanity all over the world. All the more, Arms race , militarisation, inflating military budgets, regional imbalances, regional conflicts, at National and International level has posed great challenges about the future course of development.

With this, broader understanding and perspectives REAL involved itself, striving for better alternatives to start with developing human and natural resources at local level to meet community needs within the bio-regions.
In this direction REAL was engaged in promoting sustainable agriculture practice-producing chemical free organic food, waste free agriculture operations, developing people’s participatory technology in watershed management, waste recycling, dry land development technology, Agro-forestry, etc. It is also engaged in promoting women credit unions and community health care programmes.

But at the same time “REAL” was conscious of the problems of the peoples who need care, attentions, rehabilitation and relief. As an answere to the call and need of disabled people in respect of their physical, mental environmental and social disabilities. They had to be educated, motivated, organised to empower them towards self-reliant dignified decent human being in per with others joining mainstream life.

As an organisation identifying itself with the target group right from its inception in 1978 there were many area of intervention from time to time . But the present activities among disabled people was satisfactory and expressive. At this period, the main objective of REAL was to organise the poor, oppressed people towards enabling them to attain self reliance. The same objective included the disabled people too, to feel its intervention so holistic.
While evaluating itself on the influence made among the target groups of various levels REAL realised a sector, the disabled, being left behind the screen and are not addressed in all aspects by the society. Having realised such a situation REAL with its own conviction in addressing the voiceless started interventions among Disabled peoples.

Having been responsible, in no way, for her/ his disability on his/ her own these people are irresponsibilty kept outside the mainstream life. The society responsible for the same conveniently clutches them with escaping system of believes and blamed them to be the result of the sins of the elders of his / her family. Consciously or Unconsciously, the parents, are totally responsible for the prevalence of disabled people. Then it is the responsibility of the society to care them and assure them a dignified life.

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