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Drought Proofing 

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Coming together and pooling the efforts and resources from different NGOs on one particular common issue. An issue which had been, to a large extent the main base from which several related and reinforcing socio-economic problems crop-up, repeatedly and with unflinching grip over the small, marginal and landless laborers in our part, was a worthwhile effort. And the issue referred was undoubtedly Drought. 

Drought is perennial in the drought-prone area like Ramnad District, and part of Dindigul District. Group of 9 NGOs from different areas, from different backgrounds, from different districts, with different experience (of course of continuous nature) were united and decided to carry on drought proofing works in their respective areas. From the mid 1990 to 1993 , nearly 3 years, different programme and joint efforts strengthened the conviction of the group to work together systematically, in however smallest pockets they might be working. 

It was understood that the lack of water both for irrigation and drinking purpose is the crucial problem of the area. Because of shortage of water, most of the villages faced acute drinking water problem and a lot of lands were left out of cultivation and this resulted in unemployment problem for the landless laborers. So, REAL addressed these problems and on these issues the people were given awareness education about the depletion of ground water level and need for improving it.

While starting of Drought Prevention Work in the area, the REAL was equipped on the following aspects 

Concept of Drought 
Drought situation in Vedasandur taluk
‘Partcipatory Action and Research’ method as a tool for the survey.
The survey that REAL had conducted and the discussion with the people in general and with the Sangams in particular revealed the crucial problems of our area . The problems were as listed below:
Lack of Drinking water
Unemployment problem of the Agricultural labourers.
Unable to cultivate due to lack of rain and wells dried because of Depletion of ground water.
Lack of Loan facilities (Source) with reasonable interest rate.
Lack of health facilities and health awareness.
Lack of maintenance of Street Lights.
Lack of Road facilities.

In this situation with the above problems expressed by the people REAL planned to take up active participation of people in implementing the following programmes like digging. Deep bore wells with extra deep with hand pumps as immediate relief from Drinking Water problem. Improvement of ground water level by check / percolation dams desilting of tanks, tree planting programme and so on. 

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