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In this empowerment process, the women realised that their poor economic source and depletion of resources both human and natural stands as a hindrance for their own development. Thus REAL evolved a project on ‘Resource Management and Goat rearing for Empowerment of Women’ with the participation of the target women with the following objectives.

Improving the income level of sangam members.
To depart needed knowledge to function collectively
To create a resources base to be used and benefit shared equally.
To recreate their local knowledge system with viable addition of scientific 
To equip the sangam to be futuristic and manage the crises regarding 
    natural resources.
To create a taste of rejuvenating their surroundings
To rebuilt a communitarian spirit among village people through Sangams.
Strengthening the saving habit of Sangams
To create village into self-help groups.

Activities Implemented under this project had dynamic impact on the women Sangams, their income and the natural resource base.

Trainings for the women on cooperations, natural resource management , grazing land development and goat rearing etc.

Seed money for the purchase of goats was provided by REAL.

Common grazing land development 

Fodder bank development
Common grazing land development Among the 10 project target villages , 2 villages namely Kalagoundanpatti and Viralipatti identified 5 acres of common land each. Geographically these two villages are at the centre of 5 village’s cluster. The land at Kalagoundanpatti was a common grazing land 30 years ago. But due to poor maintenance and erratic rainfall, this grazing land degraded and became fallow without any fodder trees or grasses. After identifying these lands a discussion was held in the women Sangams meetings and trainings programmes to explore the possibility of reviving this common grazing land and to bring about participation among the target community. This land at the foot hill of Kudappam Rock.

With the participation of the women sangam members, fencing on these common grazing lands and planting of fodder trees were carried out in 5 acres. Around 500 fodder trees of different varieties were planted and 60% of the trees survived. In the Common Grazing land one borewell was drilled and hand pump was installed to provide life water to the plants.

Savings and Credit 
The Women Sangam Members of the target villages continued to Rs.10 per month. The savings amount was being rotated among the members for a very low interest rate. The women utilized the borrowed amount from the sangams to meet out the immediate and urgent needs of their family, such as food expenses, medical treatment, education expenses for their children, purchase of agricultural inputs etc. Thus the savings and credit system in the women sangams were very useful for them in the time of emergency. But due to unemployment and migration some members are unable to save regularly, in spite of their interest and involvement in the savings and credit schemes. But however 90% of the members are involved in regular savings and credit system during this period. 

Seed money for Goat rearing 
Among the 10 project villages 5 villages were selected to start goat-rearing scheme in the first phase. The following is the list of women sangams assisted with revolving fund to start goat rearing scheme. Generally 4 times of their savings amount was given to the women sangam members for the income generation programme.

Village Women R.Fund
Name                            Beneficiaries                 Issued

1. P.Pallapatti               20                                 20,000
2. Viralipatti                   21                                 21,000
3. Pudhu Alagapuri       17                                 17,000
4. Vallipatti                    25                                 25,000
5. Kalagoun danpatti    12                                 12,000

Among the total women members in these 5 villages, 95 were helped by giving financial assistance to start the income generation program mainly goat rearing. Out of 95 members helped 85 had started goat rearing and the remaining 10 members utilized this amount for some other feasible programs like mat weaving, vegetable sales, rope making and so on taking into consideration their skill and market availability. The goats purchased for rearing had started to give yield and thus the scheme had helped them to build their own assets by two folds within one year. The others also had earned and additional income of Rs. 500 per month. Thus the seed money helped many women members to start some kind of income generation which had given them confidence of their own development.

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