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5 th Global Forum of Collaborative Council held at Iguassu (Brasilia) - 24/11/00 to 29 /11/ 2000

The 5 th Global Forum of the Collaborative Council (Geneva) on “Water, Sanitation and Hygiene “ was a unique event. It was organized in the most efficient and effective manner; inspired the participants, (Appx. Nos.400) to work for a cause in the National, Regional, and Global context with a firm commitment. 

The Collaborative Council’s main objective is to render assistance to every Nation around the Globe, in every possible manner, though the Council is not primarily a funding agency, to resolve issues pertaining to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene by establishing connectivity, networking , resourcing through NGOs, Govts, Institutions, Individuals, established Funding Agencies and others,if any.

Objective of the South Asia Regional Meeting : The purpose of the meeting was to decide on. Activities that can be taken-up at National and Regional level immediately. Activities that may require, assistance from collaborative Council.
Activities that can be initiated with internal resources and support from Institutions within the country and region based donors.

A working group of National Co-ordinators would deal with National problems.

During the South Asia Regional meeting, Dr. A.K.Susheela, the National Co-ordinator from India invited members to volunteer themselves to work as a National Task Force. L.Peter was one of the member of WSS Secretaary, Rural Education and Action for Liberation, (REAL)

The members of National Task Force would initiate activities in the States, opted by them, through mobilizing resources available locally/ other available funds and activate programmes through identifying ideal implementers, provide them necessary support and inspiration. Efforts would be made to create impact as soon as possible. Activities initiated during the next 2 months, may be reported to the National co-ordinator for placing before the National meeting at Ahmedabad in January 2001 and for initiating a dialogue for encouraging such activities in the respective states by the Task Force members.

Country level activities in brief :
1) Identification of Catalytic leaders, movers and shakers in hygiene, sanitation and water supply and support their activity and leadership, identification of past and on-going experiences representative of vision 21 approach.

2) Networking and Partnership between community groups, bringing them together to form pressure groups for national change.

3) Advocacy and documentation of experiences with vision 21 and code of Ethics.

4) Organize exposure and dialogue programme for community leaders, policy makers and donors.

5) Organize Launching Day to introduce and receive support / endorsement of Vision 21 a Code of Ethics, and the Global assessment.

6) The ‘MacNamara Initiative’ in Calcutta could be an important experiment of the Vision 21 in an urban challenge.

7) Use World Water Day to introduce ‘ Water as a Human right’, Vision 21 and Code of Ethics. Introduce a ‘Sanitation Day’ and ‘Sanitation Year’.

8) Special attention to issues of Arsenic and Fluoride contamination of drinking water in the subcontinent.

9) Encouragement to demonstration projects that test and promote Vision 21 approaches, particularly at local / district level.

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