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Permanent Houses & Livelihood Resource Development 

Along with the partners REAL had covered 800 families under temporary shelter programme in 8 villages in the relief phase. These 800 families are proposed to be covered under the permanent housing schemes. REAL support will go to the poor/vulnerable, particularly dalits (lower caste) and will undertake the construction activities in the land to be allocated by the District Collector, Nagapattinam. Adopt appropriate design and procedure suggested by the Government (As per the Government of Tamilnadu order # 25, & 26) as per the Coastal Zone Regulation act as well. 

The suggested housing package by the Tamilnadu Government for the Tsunami affected villages is as follows: 

One unit is consist of 50 houses. 
Estimated cost per house works out to be Rs. 50000/- for 50 houses the total estimated cost is Rs. 25,00,000/- 
To provide, water and sanitation facilities, road, electricity and basic infrastructure, the estimated cost is Rs. 25,00,000/- 
Livelihood support to these 50 families work out to be Rs. 25,00,000/-. 

The total cost estimate per unit would be Rs. 75,00,000/- REAL and its network partners will be taking up 16 units. 

As for as the Livelihood options REAL plans to club four fishing families into one group and a worth of Rs 2,00,000 Boats & Nets will be provided to each group. For the Agriculture families, we made a provision for of Rs 50,000 per family for the desalination of farm pond, saline land reclamation, Agro-forestry and livestock development activities. 

Provision for Heat Resistance Materials in the Temporary Shelters 

The temporary shelters constructed on an urgent basis were comfortable during the period of January and February. But the heat inside the house is more above the human comfort level thus causing heat stroke related illness among many. The quick study conducted by REAL reveled that the deference between in house and out door temperature is one degree only. Anticipating the troubles of heat during summer, REAL tested varies alternative method heat resistant by using thermo coal, corrugated sheets, thatched materials, spounch materials and cardboard sheets. It was found that providing cardboard sheets below the roof and providing a thatched extension proves be economical, viable and people friendly. In Kallar village on test basis we have provided the above said method and was found opt. So it is proposed to provide the same method to 2000 temporary shelters in Nagapattinam. 

Repair / Reconstruction of School Building 

It was found that a few schools completely washed away and others are in damaged conditions. Based on the initial assessment and the request from the Chief education Officer, Nagapattinam, REAL have been involved in building of temporary shelter for 2 schools with the financial assistance of Plan International. Involved in cleaning operations in partially damaged schools as well. In the recovery/rehabilitation phase, it is envisaged to undertake reconstruction of 2 higher secondary schools, two high school and 1 middle schools. Renovation of 12 primary schools two middle schools, and one higher secondary school will be taken up as well. It is estimated that nearly 6000 school children will be benefited from this interventions. 

Educational Materials support 

Children's are the most affected ones during the Tsunami and most of them lost their educational materials like School bag, books, notes and uniform. Out of 6000, 3600 affected children in the above mentioned 20 schools will be supported with school kits. Each kit consists of notebooks, school bag, two sets of uniforms and footwear (Text book will be provided by the Government of Tamilnadu). 

Restoration/ Renovation of Existing drinking water sources 

The proposed permanent shelter construction including water supply sanitation facilities and livelihood support is aimed only for the families who last everything in the killer waves attack. Where as the community live in the buffer zone, losses in terms of visible damages were minimum, but the lose is in different nature. Firstly, the buffer zone community lost their cultivable lands to the seawater and existing water supply and sanitation systems in these locations were in damaged conditions. In many locations, the water available from the system is not potable due to saltwater intrusion. It is aimed to restore/renovate the existing water system in these localities by way of flushing or locating a potable water source away from the village and providing pumping mains and distribution network. This activity is proposed in 20 villages and it is envisaged to target 2000 families. 

Child Care Centre & health care 

In the relief phase REAL and its partners have opened a child care centre in 30 villages. Kids below 5 years are targeted under this activity. The strength in each centre varies from 30 to 40 children. Nutritious food such as milk, vitamin etc.. are being provided every day. Enough play materials have been supplied towards engaging the children and a caretaker have been appointed for all these centres. This activity will be continued for next 36 months period for the benefit of small children in the affected localities. At regular interval health camps will be organised mainly focusing on child care, immunisation ANC & PNC. 

Psycho-social counselling 

All these villages, the community are still in severe shock, especially women and children are the most affected. Regular and proper counselling by the well-trained personnel are the immediate need. Considering the importance experienced 4 counsellors and staff team is involved in counselling activities in the relief phase and the same will continue in recovery phase as well. 

Orphans/vulnerable children 

The orphan and the children who lost their key earning members in the family will need additional support towards meeting their basic needs as well as continuing their education. It is estimated to cover 200 such children to provide regular support towards meeting their minimum daily needs. 

Children’s Mela 

Children are the center of our activities and providing opportunities for them to attain the fullest potential of their childhood is our purpose. Children mela is not only viewed as celebration for the children but also as a mass trauma cure method for community. It is planed to conduct village and inter village level children cultural and talent festivals in Nagapattinam District. 

Strengthening of SHG 

In the crisis situation of post Tsunami, the role of women in rebuilding the life is the important to the keep them open to varies options even in techno economic propositions even in reconstruction or other value addition ventures. In order to provide space for the women to brainstorm, exports think and decide, it is purposed to included component of strengthening SHGs as part of this proposal.

Resource Centers 

Information is knowledge and knowledge is power. Particularly in disaster management it is important to have total information not only in the areas of our interventions but also on multiple grounds. It helps to verify the validity of our effectiveness by appraising various trust from different direction of information prevailing in the working area. It also helps many other efforts by NGOs and other sources by sharing the information for better activity design. Thus it is planned to establish resource centers to help ourselves and others in during better Disaster management in the short and long run.

Disaster preparedness 

Any disaster keeps affected community physically and mentally sick not only due to the suffering undergone but also due to the fear of future occurrence of the same disaster. Thus it is necessary to keep the people informed about the critical information about the disaster and prepare them to safeguard their lives in case of any future occurrence. So it is proposed to conduct Disaster preparedness camps to the communities to create awareness, provide knowledge and inculcate skills.

Training Hall and production centre 

Nagapattinam as such doesn't have much infrastructure facilities to Conduct Trainings, meetings and Conferences. At present only a few available marriage Halls has been hired for conducting such programmes. But to get a Hall as per our schedule/ convenient dates becomes a big problem. Hence a small training hall and production centre is proposed in the project to organize Trainings, meetings, get-together for the children, SHG members, community leaders, staff and so on. Besides the Training Hall, a production centre will be established for the production of mud-Blocks, Hallow Blocks and other construction material productions as we are going to be involved in permanent House, Drinking Water & Sanitation promotion and so on. Considering the present hire tariff of the marriage Halls, the infrastructure development cost for the Training hall and production centre will be cheaper and fruitful in a long run. The land for the training hall and production centre will be the contribution of REAL.

A Comprehensive Project on Relief and Rehabilitation in the Tsunami affected areas of Nagapattinam District,
Tamil nadu, India 

List of project villages 

Ariyanattustreet (west)  Kallar 
Pattinacheri  Southpoigainallur 
Silladi  Valanganni 
Palpannaicherry  Seruthur
Samanadanpettai  Kameshwaram 
Nampiyarnagar  Manalmedu 
Ariyanattustreet (Keezh)  Vilundhamavadi 
Keechankuppam  Chokkanatharkoiltheru 
Akkaraipettai (Nagai)   Vellapallam
Thedeerkuppam  Chandrapadi 

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