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Every child is gifted with unique talents. Lack of opportunity to express, disable children to attain their fullest potentials. Children affected by ‘Tsunami’, deserve not only peer group expressions to explore their talents but also to keep themselves out of all kinds of phobia emanating from Tsunami tragedy.

In order to boost the children hailing from Tsunami affected areas in Nagapattinam District the ‘Children’s Potential Xplora 2016’ was organized between 22 and 25 th May 2016 involving 1000 children from 18 villages. 

Realizing that the children need opportunity to realize their own potentials on the one hand and there should be recognition of their talents by the exteral world, is launched during this occasion. It gives priority to Tsunami affected children to record their achievements. In due course, the website shall the kept open for all the children below 18 years of age across TamilNadu. 

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