Social policy

All discriminations of occupation based caste discrimination, Sex based Gender discrimination, religion based communal discrimination, Income based economical discrimination, Power based political discrimination, Technology based skill discrimination, Literacy based knowledge discrimination, Habitat based rural, urban discrimination and marked based resource discrimination are under intensed polorisation process. In a critical view, our REAL is causcious that its intervention to reduce the discrimination in one aspect should not widen the discrimination on the other areas. Development initiatives should not result in any inrreversible discrimination or damage . Creating a situation in which every community enjoys equal oppurtunity without loosing its identity, is the social policy of REAL.

Economical Development (ED) Policy

Economical development (ED) should enhance the livelihood standards of the deprived communities and the concerned target families. Economical Development Programmes (EDP) are designed to ensure, not only Income Generation in terms of money, but in terms of sustained livelihood. EDPs should provide for individual / family income, which should reflect social concern with improved bargaining capacity as sangam. EDP should priorotise Gender Justice for emancipation of Womens right within the community. EDPs should not alienate the communities affinity to common property resources but should reestablish exercisable access and utilisation. EDP should involve Local Resources, Local peoples skills, Local technology with appropriate improvements and the local market reliance.

Gender policy

It order to equate the prevailing Gender discriminations, REAL views women issues from the point of view of a women in all respects. Not only women development programmes but every intervention of REAL carries Gender concerns. Encouragining the liberative values among women by encountering the barriers and thus to reduce the gap between men & women in a realisable manner is the Gender perspective of REAL.

Information exchange policy

Information exchange from outside and from within REAL, should inherit the principles of equitable sharing at all levels. (Top down, Horizondal, and from below) It should have the characteristics of CLEARITY, Fulfledgedness, Transperancy, Referability and Reliability. Right to information is the Right of all concerned.

Concept of sustainability
A situation in which the community based organisations reflect the human values and concerns shared by REAL, on their own, forms the basis of sustainability. It should fulfill Economical self reliance of the target families, which is materialised through their togetherness as a sangam. The sangams should have acquired dynamic leadership, Skills, Capacities, Systems and Procedures in order to become a self supporting Gudagu Movement. The support services, advises and the facilitator role of REAL as different entity, shall be respected for its profficiency, Quality and capabilities to the extent of providing partial inputs of expenditures by the target people in the long run (5 years)
Creation of productive asserts to the extent of providing ensured livelihood needs, which should be owned or controlled by the people who are socially concerned spontaneous leaders themselves, wiht well defined system, structure, functions, roles & responsibility and democratic principles shall enable sustainability according to REAL. The essence of the principles governing the policies of REAL should also reflect in sustainability.

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