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Water for all

In short, the decrease in rainfall and its timed duration, poor maintenance of tanks, ponds and streams after 1977 flood, decrease in tree coverage, and over exploitation of ground water had lead to the acute shortage of water, which in turn, is the basic causes for the severe drought in Vedasandur area.

Owing to diversion of small streams for Kodahanar Dam construction, the natural water flow is curtailed resulting in abandance of ponds & lakes. In the absence of surface water storage, slow penetration of rain water into ground water table has vanished. Water run off is coupled with top soil erosion and erosion of soil nutrient.

REAL is involved in Water and Sanitation programmes since 1993. During the past we have concentrated in providing drinking water and sanitation facilities in 28 villages of Vedasandur and Gujiliamparai Block. But this had been a micro approach with the aim of creating total sanitation and hygiene promotion in the project villages. Creation of new water sources, restoration of Handpumps, Construction of Latrines and Soakpits, Promotion of Kitchen garden and Community garden, Hygiene behaviour promotion through awareness creation and so on had yielded the set goals towards the healthy living in all the project villages.

Works accomblished :- 
1) NEW B/W WITH HP                 -43
2) RESTORATION OF HP             -16
3) COMPOST TANK                       -56
4) SOAK PIT                                   -280
5) KITCHEN GARDEN                   -810
6) TAPS STANDS                          -40
7) RESTORATION OF GLR            -2
IN ABONDED WELLS                    -10
10) WASHING STONE                   -56
11) SCHOOL HP                             -12
12) LATRINE CONST.                    -845
13) HERBAL GARDEN                   -56
14) COMMUNITY GARDEN           -60
15) SCHOOL GARDEN                  -12
16) SCHOOL SANITATION            -12
17) SPARE BANK                           -2 

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